Official name Apocalips
Japanese name アポカリップス
Romanization Apokarippusu
Type of item Medicine
Known users Idamaria
Garypeter Sugal
Manga Debut Chapter 89

Apocalips[1] is a drug found in the demon world.[2] Its name is commonly misromanized as Apocalypse.

According to an old book that Idamaria read in preparation for her Exorcism Exam, the Apocalips is a special type of drug that can counter any poison with its own, and has saved people on the verge of death through history. Seruma adds that the book's information isn't complete, as he read that it was a medicine powerful enough to revive the deceased, but with "terrifying side-effects and after-effects".[2]

Plot Edit

After having Lilith stolen from her body, Idamaria was left agonizing in Elimona's Shop, and stumbled across the Apocalips bottle left there by

Trivia Edit

  • Even in the demon world, the Apocalips is a rare sight.[2]
  • Despite its existence being known by the Vatican, the Apocalips isn't even mentioned on the standard Exorcism Exam.[2]

References and footnotes Edit

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