Beril Bes Topas
Beril Bes Topas infobox
Full name Beril Bes Topas
Japanese name ベルベズトフ
Romanization Berubezutofu
Species Demon
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Power Extensible limbs
Superhuman speed
Superhuman strength
Superhuman endurance
Manga Debut Chapter 15
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Beril Bes Topas is a demon who took advantage of the lawless situation of the demon world after Kucabara's exile to toy with human lives.

Appearance Edit

She possesses deformed features, with both of her cheeks ripped and stitched into a large smile, long hair and long clawed fingers. Her skin is darker than most demons, and her hair was either white or very light in color. Topas wears ripped black clothes, very extravagant make-up and a large flower with ethereal circles and stars as hair decoration.

Plot Edit

She appears as an antagonist in the introduction of Idamaria and Father Seruma, being hunted down by the duo after having caused several traffic accidents. As she was summoned from the demon world by Idamaria's ritual, she engaged the nun in combat, having her right arm cut off by swiftly. As she attempted to flee, Idamaria threw her rosary (which had belonged to Saint Peter[1]) around Topas' neck, immobilizing her. After a prayer, Idamaria shot the demon in the face with her saintly handgun. Topas was "exorcised", which likely caused her death. It is later revealed that the paper containing her name, which made it possible to fight her, was given to them by Elimona, right before Kucabara's.

Abilities Edit

Topas attacks Idamaria

Topas demonstrates her abilities.

Topas hasn't demonstrated any talent in demon magic other than the ability to hide her form from the eyes of humans at will, but that power was nullified once her opponent knew her name. The only extraordinary ability she showed other than her species' usual was the power to extend her limbs, which is quite deadly when combined to her demonic superhuman strength. She was, however, slower than Idamaria.

Trivia Edit

  • Topas is the most foul mouthed of all demons shown in the series.
  • Topas's name is constantly romanized as Belbeztof, despite the fact that the Japanese original shows her romanized name before her appearance.
  • She caused more than 10 traffic accidents in a single location before being exorcised.[2]

References and footnotes Edit

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