Full name Idamaria
Japanese name イダマリア
Romanization ?
Species Human
Status Active
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Affiliations The Vatican
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother
Power The Daughter Doberman (Gun)
Manga Debut Chapter 15
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Idamaria is an exorcist who makes her first appearence in Chapter 15. She weilds a gun called The Daughter Doberman and is said to be the most skilled Excorcist of the Vatican.

Appearance Edit

Idamaria is a feisty, long copper-coloured haired girl, with brownish-yellowish eyes full of determination.

She wears two layers of clothing, one consisting of a white collared, frilly dress, with a black priest dress on top. The sleeves have long crosses on both of her dress's sleeves that extend down to the hand's collar. The flaps of her dress each have a huge golden cross on them.

She wears a cross necklace, which she uses to freeze and seal her demon enemies in place. Idamaria also wears black leather boots.

Plot Edit


The Daughter Doberman.

When she is first introduced, she is shown summoning a paper of fire at the scene of the 10th car crash that had happened. Summoning the demon, the demon shoots at her and Idamaria calmly does her work, calling out the demon's name and proceeding to exorcise the demon with a Saint Peter's cross, pointing her gun at the devil and says "Amen."

After she exorcises the demon, she askes the detective for a three thousand dollar fee. We cut to Idamaria and her companion in the car, while she is changes, they discuss the price of the exorcism. Exorcism isn't cheap. They continue to talk about demon hunting, while Idamaria states she is fighting alongside Lord Jesus.

She is next seen at the church, recieving her next target: our main protagonist, Kucabara!